Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Working Together to Improve Criminal Justice: The Monument Manifesto

Last night at the 2016 Koestler Exhibition at the South Bank Centre, we launched our common manifesto for the Fellowship taking forward the objectives of The Monument Trust as it concludes its fifty year history of grant-making.

We did not wish merely to end our work without leaving something behind that might have a chance of gaining momentum and have a positive and lasting effect into the future. So we set in place a six-year funded Fellowship, working around each of the steps of the Journey of an Offender. Our Fellowship is a concerted effort between:

- Centre for Justice Innovation
- Clinks
- Diagrama Foundation UK
- Khulisa UK
- Koestler Trust
- Lemos&Crane: The Good Prison
- National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance
- Restorative Solutions CIC

and of course The Monument Trust and any who wish to ally with us and support the work.

Download Working Together to Improve Criminal Justice

Each year, we will work round a theme together, answering a question that we will seek answers for across the Fellowship and from all out friends and networks. We will translate this into practice and at the end of twelve months, we will gather the answers and the thinking up into a publication, or an event.

Our question for the next year is: What do prisoners and ex-offenders need to learn? Please visit the sites of any of the Fellowship members to give your answer.

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